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General Knowledge one

*📚 General Knowledge 📚*

1: Study of earth?
*Ans: Geology*
2: Study of living things?
*Ans: Biology*
3: Study living language?
*Ans: Philology*
4: Study of bees?
*Ans: Apiology*
5: Study of heart?
*Ans: Cardiology*
6. Study of dog?
*Ans: Cynology*
7. Study of trees?
*Ans: Dendrology*
8. Study of religion?
*Ans: Theology*
9. Study of heredity?
*Ans: Genetics*
10: Study of coins?
*Ans: Numismatics*
11. Study of birds?
*Ans: Ornithology*
12. Study of human development?
*Ans: Anthropology*
13. Study of science of insects?
*Ans: Etymology*
14. Study of problems of age?
*Ans: Gerontology*
15. Study of relation between organisms and environment?
*Ans: Ecology*
16. Study of flying aeroplans?
*Ans: Aviation*
17. Study of horses?
*Ans: Hippology*
18. Study of water?
*Ans: Hyarology*
19. Study of weather?
*Ans: Meteorology*
20. Study of cancer?
*Ans: Oncoloy*
21. Study of eyes?
*Ans: Ophthalmology*
22. Study of bones?
*Ans: Osteology*
23. Study of rocks?
*Ans: Petrology* 
24. Study of earthquake?
*Ans: Seismology*

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